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Gibraltar Entry Guide: Choosing Between Foot and Car Access (2023)

A Barbary macaque on the Rock of Gibraltar. Looking into the bay and into Morocco from Gibraltar
Barbary macaque on the Rock of Gibraltar.

The British overseas territory of Gibraltar has a rich cultural history making it a fascinating destination for everyone to visit. There are several ways to enter Gibraltar, including by plane, boat, car, or foot. No matter which way you choose to enter Gibraltar, be sure to check your country-specific entry/Visa requirements here. The border between Spain and Gibraltar is open 24 hours a day, and there are no limits on the number of crossings you can make.

Although there are many ways to enter Gibraltar, below we will share a quick overview of entering the country on foot or by car. We hope this short guide will help you make your decision when crossing into Gibraltar!

Crossing by Car

Crossing the Spain-Gibraltar border by car is relatively easy. When you arrive at the border, a Customs officer will check your passport and any goods you wish to declare. If everything is in order, they will direct you to line up behind a convoy that will escort you across the airport's runway and into the city. The process will repeat itself in reverse order once you are ready to leave the city.

Picture of  the Rock of Gibraltar like in the Alchemist.
Rock of Gibraltar

Things to Consider if Driving Into Gibraltar

Although the border crossing by car is relatively easy, there are a few things to consider If you are thinking of driving into Gibraltar from Spain. For instance, do you have a flight to catch later that same day? If so, we recommend walking into the city. Driving in and out of Gibraltar can often take hours due to the long queue of vehicles at the border. You don't want to risk missing your flight while stuck at the border. Also, parking in Gibraltar can get a bit pricey compared to parking rates in the Spanish border town of La Linea. Finally, If you are driving a rental car from Spain, you need to ensure you understand your renter's policy as you might not be covered if you get into an accident while in Gibraltar.

The Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque in Gibraltar. Must visit Gibraltar in 2023, 2024, 2025.
The Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque.

Walking into Gibraltar from Spain

In our opinion, this is the best option for entering the country. Not only is walking into Gibraltar easy, but it also saves you time since you don't need to wait in long lines with your vehicle at the border. The walk across the border and into Gibraltar's city center takes roughly 15-20 minutes, depending on where you leave your car in the Spanish border town of La Linea. In La Linea, you will find numerous parking garages with daily rates as cheap as 10 euros per day.

What to Expect When Walking into Gibraltar

Once you find parking in La Linea (the Spanish border town), you follow signs towards Gibraltar, leading you straight to the border. You will pass through a quick security check at the border, so have your travel documents ready. As soon as you pass Customs and enter Gibraltar, you will see buses that will take you downtown for two British pounds. When you are ready to leave, take the bus back to the border, pass through Customs, and walk back to your car in La Linea!


That's it! We hope you enjoyed this short article! Have you ever been to Gibraltar? What was your border crossing experience like? Let us know in the comments below!


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