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Unveil the captivating story behind J A K E and E L L I - the faces behind the adventure. Learn how we crossed paths, what fuels our globetrotting spirit, and the inspiration behind this travel blog. Join us on this thrilling journey of discovery and prepare for unforgettable stories that will transport you to the world's farthest reaches -

Let's dive in together!

Solo Traveler in Egypt.
Travel couple in Antarctica.
Travelers in Dubai deserts.
Group of solo female travelers on an Amazon expidition.
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Man sleeping under the stars in Uganda.
Backpacker Trekking the Atlas Mountain.
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I come from a humble family of 13 siblings. Growing up amidst the lush, jungle-covered mountains of Puerto Rico, I developed a deep love for outdoor exploration. From an early age, I knew I wanted to see the world and embark on thrilling journeys. Hiking through majestic mountain ranges became not just my ultimate adventure but also awakened my soul. As a young adventurer, my friends and I occasionally skipped school to escape into the jungle, exploring off-the-beaten-path river pools and hidden caves. Once, we even stumbled upon a treasure trove of over 100 forgotten rum bottles within a buried cave!

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Born and raised in a small town in southern Germany, I've always dreamed of exploring beyond its borders. I have a weakness for adorable cats and feel at home on tropical beaches.  Traveling the world and experiencing different cultures has influenced my personal growth greatly. It's been a beautiful journey that taught me much about myself and how I view the world. It's helped me face my fears and become more confident and self-empowered. Along the way, I've discovered the practice of yoga and meditation, which has brought me peace and wisdom that I love to share with others.

Elliandjake in Mauritius
elliandjake in Venice Beach LA
Travelers in a hot air ballon over Valley of the Kings.

2013 We were both living in Germany and bumped into each other at the Oktoberfest! Later that year, we took our first trip to Prague, Czech Republic, and were immediately hooked on traveling together. From then on, we began traveling across Europe by taking extended weekends off from work. We were working a lot, but we also traveled a lot. 


2016 It was time to leave Europe. We moved to Texas, USA, but not before flying to the Maldives for an unforgettable destination wedding! During our time in Texas, we discovered the natural beauties of the American South West. However, the more we were on the road, the less we wanted to return to our 9-5 jobs. Then in late 2017, we devised a secret plan to "cure" our wanderlust. 

Couple hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027.
Rice Terraces in Bali

2018 The grand adventure began; we quit our jobs! Most of our family and friends thought we were going crazy for selling 90% of our belongings and hitting the road for a year. During our yearlong adventure, we traveled on a total budget of $30k and visited over 25 countries, following an impromptu route from the USA to the Cook Islands! Quitting our jobs to travel the world has been one of the best decisions we've ever made.

2019 Travel burnout begins to kick in. We were exhausted after traveling full-time for over a year and constantly taking early flights, late-night buses, and moving to a new destination every other week. It was time to settle down for a bit. We moved to Maastricht, The Netherlands, and plugged back into new jobs. It was great; we made new friends and didn't feel the urge to travel as much anymore, but not everything last forever. It was time to move again after just two years in the Netherlands.

Travelers on a motorbike in Bali, Indonesia.

2021 Jake's job took us to the middle of  The Mojave Desert in Southern California. Living in the desert was a very rewarding experience. We often traveled deep into the vast desert and experienced solitude while camping under the clear skies. We were so far away from civilization that the Milkyway would light up the sky every night. Although, after about a year of living in California, we both got itchy feet again and knew it was time for another adventure. 


2022 Worldtrip Part Two! We sold most of our stuff and quit our jobs again! This time we headed south to explore South America. Our goal was to make our way south until reaching the "End of the World" in Argentina. We eventually made it to Argentina and, from there, embarked on an unforgettable journey to Antarctica.

2023 New year, new dreams! After traveling through South America, we moved to Germany, where we currently live. We continue exploring Europe's hidden gems while working on this blog. Simultaneously we are working on other plans and are excited to share them with you soon! 

Travel couple in Antarctica looking for whales.
Travel bloggers in Antarctica.

Our Insta Feed

Jake is the most adventurous man and goal getter I know. Once he sets his mind to something he won't talk but take action. 

Jake also gets ants in his pants when he sits for too long. Ever since he's been little, he dreamed about traveling the world. His mind constantly races, thinking about which mountain to climb next, whether to sign up for a sailing lesson or climb Mount Kilimanjaro.


His personality is one of the kindest, funniest, and most caring. Hosting people while cooking his signature guacamole and preparing mojitos is what he loves doing. 

Psst..Jake has a weakness for fluffy cats and even rescued one once.

Elli is a visionary who loves meaningful conversations about travel, meditation, and life's profound questions. She could spend hours talking about the universe and our existence.


Elli is smart, funny, and caring. She also possesses a remarkable intuition that guides her day-to-day decisions. Solitude is her sanctuary, where she finds both inspiration and a connection to her inner self. She loves meditating to spark her creativity, leading to new and brilliant ideas. 


Her intuitive nature shapes her journey, while her passion for Yoga and  exploration drives her creativity and connection to the world around her.

A Sherpa carriying supplies in Nepal.
Backpackers waiting for lunch in their teahouse in Nepal.
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