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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Mauritius: Two-Weeks In Mauritius As a Solo Female Travel (2023)

Mauritius - Solo Female Traveling in 2023, 2024, 2025.
Me enjoying the beautiful island vibes.

For many travelers, Mauritius is a top-paradise bucket-list destination. Situated in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius's long stretches of pure white sand beaches, crystal clear lagoons, and lush green palm trees attract all kinds of international travelers. Furthermore, Mauritius is the perfect place for backpackers, adventure lovers, and culture enthusiasts.

In this article, I will share everything you need to know about traveling to Mauritius based on my personal solo-travel experience. I will go over everything from budget-friendly accommodations to restaurants and the best ways of communicating and getting around the island.

Mauritius Facts:

  • Located in the Southern Hemisphere

  • MUR Mauritian Rupee: 49 MUR = 1EUR

  • Travel adapter: Type C (European plug) and Type G (UK plug)

  • Best travel time: September to December and April to June

  • Driving on the left side of the road

Getting around in Mauritius

There are plenty of ways to get around in Mauritius. If you are on a tight budget, the buses are the cheapest option but will take the longest to get you around. You also have the option of coordinating hotel transportation (if they offer it), taking a taxi, or renting a car, which I ended up doing.

If you want to rent a car in Mauritius, I recommend booking one online before you arrive to avoid hustling at the airport. You can easily pick up your rental vehicle once you exit the airport. Although, be aware that if you rent from a smaller company, the pick-up process might differ slightly from what you are used to (explained below).

Note: Unfortunately, Uber is not currently operating in Mauritius.

Day 1 - My rental car experience

Man signing a car rental contract in Mauritius in 2023, 2024, 2025.
The "office car" where I signed and paid for my rental.

As I walked outside the airport, I quickly located all the rental car office booths minus Garuda Car Rental, the company I reserved my car with.

I spent a few minutes looking around for Garuda Car Rental until I finally asked one of the friendly airport personnel for help. The person I asked was super helpful and called the company to arrange my pick-up. Five minutes later, I was greeted by a Garuda Car Rental personnel, and we walked straight to the parking area. Surprisingly, the rental car office was a "car office." I found it a bit strange at first and wondered if I had been scammed, but it was all legit!

After conducting a very detailed and professional car check-up, we did the paperwork in the trunk of the car, and within no time, I was on the road to my Hotel. Thinking back on my car rental experience, it was definitely a unique one!

Note: The car rental company I went with, Garuda Car Rental, was the cheapest option for a last-minute booking (250 EUR for 12 days)

Driving in Mauritius

Sunset Driving around Mauritius
Driving into the sunset in Mauritius

Driving in Mauritius can be confusing if you are used to driving on the right side of the road. In Mauritius, you drive on the left side.

Fortunately, I had prior experience driving on the left side of the road, although I was still nervous for the first few minutes behind the wheel.

If this is your first time driving on the left side of the road, I recommend you spend a few minutes circling around the airport area until you feel comfortable enough to hit the highway. I recommend just moving slowly and following the cars ahead of you. At first, it can seem a little overwhelming, but you get the hang of driving quite fast.

Also, with Mauritius being a smaller island, you don't have to worry about driving on major multilane highways like in other countries such as the United States or Europe. But be aware that driving in the capital area can get hectic.

Internet and Navigation

Offline Route: International Airport - Flic en Flac (approx. 50 mins)

Having internet connectivity is critical to getting around effortlessly. You can easily buy a data SIM card at the airport or install an E-SIM on your phone before arriving in Mauritius. Several apps offer E-SIM services; I always use the Airalo App.

If you are on a tight budget or don't want to purchase a SIM card, you can still use an offline map to navigate around. The offline map must be downloaded before you arrive in Mauritius. Once you download the offline map, you can quickly generate any route from your current location to your destination without an internet connection! I usually use either or google maps.

Note: You need to keep your phone location services switched on when using offline map applications.

Mall and Supermarkets

Outside Flic en Flac, you find a shopping center called Cascavelle Shopping Mall with a big supermarket and fast food huts. I recommend driving to this Mall if you are looking for various items or unique products. I went to the supermarket to stock up on my mini fridge with avocados and lots of dragon fruits.

There are also smaller supermarkets (kiosks) and shops around Flic en Flac in case you don't have a car but still want to get necessities and snacks.


Communication around the island happens mainly through WhatsApp, for example. Alice, my travel buddy I met during my diving course, organized our Whale Tour via WhatsApp. She found the point of contact number online and just texted and reserved a spot.

The Bed and Breakfast I stayed in also communicated via WhatsApp, making my trip convenient. At any time, I could text questions and receive an answer quickly afterward.

Where on the Island Should You Stay?

Hotel View - L'Oiseau de L'Ocean, Flic en Flac, Mauritius

Mauritius has plenty of beautiful coastal towns to choose from. During my visit, I decided to stay in Flic and Flac, on the island's west side.

Flic en Flac is a small beach town that offers little of everything. There are luxury resorts, affordable Bed-and-Breakfast places, street food, restaurants, bars, water activities, etc.

You can find great accommodations in Flic en Flac, regardless of your budget!

For example, I wanted to book a hostel during my visit to Flic en Flac since hostels are usually budget-friendly. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any hostels; therefore, I ended up booking a Hotel (L'Oiseau de L'Ocean, Flic en Flac) for $47 a night. The Hotel was pleasantly lovely and cozy. The property was simple yet well-equipped with all the essentials. There was also a small gym, two pools, and a free parking space outside the property.

Recommended Accomodations in Flic en Flac, Mauritius

Lariad BnB, Flic en Flac

Travel Tip: If you want to enjoy the amenities of a luxurious hotel without paying the price, book a watersport activity directly with one of the resorts. Doing this will allow you to use some comforts offered to regular hotel guests, such as bathing at a paradise beach!

La Pirogue, Flic en Flac

Day 2 - Dive Introduction Course

La Pirogue Hotel - Dive Introduction happens in this pool

A few days before arriving in Mauritius, I decided to sign up for a dive introduction course at one of the resorts in Flic en Flac.

My goal was to get certified as an Open Water Diver with PADI. In search of a dive center, I found Sundivers, located inside a luxury hotel called La Pirogue. I highly recommend this dive center for an Introduction course or signing up for an Open Water Dive Course.

The great thing about the Dive Center is the location. Located inside a beautiful hotel that doesn't usually allow outsiders to enter, the Dive Center grants you access when booking with them. When signed up for a course, you are allowed to stay in the hotel area around the dive center, go to the beach, or enjoy a cup of coffee at the beach bar.

My Dive Introduction Experience

The dive introduction course started early at 9:00 am and ended in the afternoon around 4:00 pm. We started in the pool (see picture above), where we learned how to properly use all the scuba dive equipment that would prepare us for a real dive later in the afternoon. We learned and practiced everything we needed to know for diving in the open ocean.

The dive practice included the following:

  • Removing our masks underwater.

  • Putting them back on.

  • Removing the water from inside the masks while underwater.

We also practiced removing the regulator (breathing device), putting it back on, and using our dive buddy's regulator in case of emergency. When you know how to react in cases of emergency, diving becomes less scary, and you become more confident, which helps you focus on the exciting part of exploring the underwater world.

Note: I will share my full scuba diving experience in a future blog post.

Day 3 and 4 - Open Water Dive Course

On day three, I signed up for the Open Water Dive Course with PADI. After the introduction course, I was hooked and couldn't wait to get my license out.

Days 3 and 4 consisted of spending almost all day at the dive center. The mornings included pool sessions, and during lunchtime, we would head out on a dive boat to scuba dive in the open ocean.

It was always exciting to arrive at the dive center and venture with like-minded people with the same sense of adventure. Whenever I got to the dive center, I felt the adventure spirit rush through me, and I couldn't wait to get my equipment ready to head out on the boat. One "pinch-me" moment I will never forget was the boat ride to the dive spots that took us through the crystal-most transparent lagoon, driving us into deeper blue parts of the ocean.

Beach Snacks

The best way to eat fast and affordable snacks without going to a restaurant or supermarket is through street food vendors along the beach.

One food stand that I highly recommend is called Farata AKA Vinoda. They sell Rotis with a delicious curry filling. You can choose between meat, fish, and vegetables. The Rotis are not just incredibly tasty but also extremely affordable. One Shrimp Roti costs 30 MUR (0,60 EUR), and a Veggie Roti costs 20 MUR (0,40 EUR). Afterward, I had a delicious coconut for 100 MUR (2 EUR). And the day after, I tried another food vendor that sold Kebab in a baguette for 3 EUR.

Days 5 and 6 - Scuba Diving & Le Morne Beach

Le Morne Beach, Mauritius

I spent days 5 and 6 scuba diving in the mornings and exploring the island in the afternoons. On my fifth day, I drove to the southwest tip of Mauritius, called Le Morne. This area is famous for its luxury resorts, incredible hiking spots, dreamy beaches, and water activities like kite surfing.

Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius

Le Morne Brabant - UNESCO World Heritage Site

I highly recommend hiking Le Morne Brabant if you want great outdoor activities and incredible coastal views. Le Morne Brabant is one of Mauritius's most popular tourist attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Hike takes you on a 6,4 km / 4 miles round trip which takes approx. 2 - 3 hours, reaching the highest point of 556 meters / 1,824 ft. For the best views and pleasant climate, early hikes are recommended.

If you are more of a beach bum, I recommend visiting the crystal-clear beach in Le Morne. There is a public beach called Le Morne Public Beach, where you find parking spots and fruit stands. Walking further along the beach, you eventually reach the luxury resorts. The beaches of the luxury resorts are, compared to the public beaches, absolutely magnificent and deliver that picture-perfect beach vibe you imagine when thinking of a tropical luxury hotel.

Note: Most Hotels don't allow non-guests to stay at beaches in front of their property. Some even have guards that check whether you are a hotel guest or not.

Le Morne Beach, Mauritius

Day 7 - Private Taxi Ride & Adventure Park La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park

On my seventh day, my Swedish friend Alice, whom I met during the scuba dive course, invited me to join her and her mom on a day trip. Her mom rented a private taxi driver to show us places around the island. The private taxi ride costs about 100 EUR for the day.

On our first stop, we rented quads that we drove through muddy forest paths. I would skip the quad tour (save $50) and walk because it gives you more time to explore. Along the way, we stopped by waterfalls and viewpoints and visited the famous colored earth.

Afterward, we speeded through the lush green forest on a two-minute Zipline Ride.

While passing by the incredible greenery we spotted from the bird's eye perspective as we rushed head front, laying down along the zip line, I dropped my anxiousness about heights. I enjoyed this incredible moment that made me feel like flying.

Crossing a hanging bridge in Mauritius

Lastly, we crossed a long suspension bridge that led through the park. We bumped into the best and most unexpected thing on our way back. We walked across a grass park where we spotted a gigantic free-walking tortoise with nobody around her. The turtle was chilling in the grass all by herself, enjoying life.

Grand Bassin - Hindu Temple

After the adventure park, we went to the most sacred Hindu place called Grand Bassin, at Ganga Talao Lake. It is the largest and most popular pilgrim place outside of India. The crater lake surrounds several colorful temples and god/goddess statues. Locals visit the lake yearly to offer prayers and conduct rituals (see picture). Legend has it that Shiva accidentally dropped a few drops of Ganga water into the pool, which made it sacred.

That rainy day brought a lot of mist, making the Grand Bassin feel mystical. During our visit, I saw families practicing rituals at the lake and later inside the temple. Visiting these sacred places made me feel like being back in Asia. For some reason, it felt like returning to Kandy, Sri Lanka. I highly recommend visiting this sacred space.

Grand Bassin - Hindu Temple

Local Food Experience

Local Mauritian Food

After our excursion, the taxi driver brought us to a restaurant that served typical Mauritian food. A selection of meats, fish, and vegetarian options came with various side dishes.

Every plate had rice, rotis, beans, eggplants, pumpkin, salad, and tomato sauce. The restaurant was alright, but it was definitely a place for tourists. There was no other local in the restaurant. You only saw locals dropping off tourists.

Note: If you want to eat local food, always tell your taxi driver to bring you somewhere where locals eat. :)

Day 8 - Passing the PADI Dive Course

Day 8 was the perfect rainy day for taking my Final Dive Exam. After passing the Open Water Dive Course with PADI, I went paddle boarding with my dive buddy, Alice.

Day 9 - Port Louis & Botanical Garden

On day 9, Alice and I explored a different part of the island. We drove to a botanic garden in the island's northern region (approximately 50 mins from Flic en Flac) and visited Mauritius' capital city Port Louis afterward.

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden

At first, we went to a Botanical Garden called Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden, also known as the Pamplemousses Botanic Garden, which is the oldest Botanical Garden in the southern hemisphere. It is a popular tourist attraction near Port Louis.

Port Louis: Central Market

Driving into the capital is a bit hectic, especially when trying to find parking. Nevertheless, we found a big parking spot, Marina Quay Parking, right in front of a famous shopping mall called Caudan Waterfront. The Mall was nice to stroll around, but we wanted the local experience and headed to the Central Market, within 15 min walking distance from the Mall.

At the Central Market, you find lots of locally grown veggies and fruits. There is an upstairs area that sells souvenirs for tourists. We only stayed briefly since we arrived just before the closing hour, around 5 pm.

Day 10 - Swimming with Whales

Pinch me, please! Today is the day when I finally overcame one of my biggest fears of jumping into deep blue ocean waters to see sperm whales eye to eye.

At 06:30 am, we headed out from Grande Riviere Noire just below the town, Tamarin. Alice organized the whale tour with a local guy called Bruno. His tour company is called Ecowatch discovery mauritius. We paid for the tour upfront, which was about $65 each, and lasted five hours.

PS: Whale Picture and video provided by Maxim (

Just as we left the port, we spotted dolphins that swam around the boat and followed us a little. The water became wavier and deeper blue as we drove further into the ocean.

We didn't see any whales for quite a while, but we just continued driving further down south and deeper into the ocean. The more south we went, the more rough the waters became.

At this point, I got seasick. I tried keeping down the instant coffee and cracker that Bruno offered at the beginning of the ride in my system, but I couldn't. As we spotted the first whales, I puked out of the boat alongside a few others. I couldn't believe I was hanging off the boat, puking while the first group of people got ready to jump into the ocean.

Just as the second group prepared to head out, I puked again. What a miserable experience, I thought to myself. And, just as the driver said it was time for the last chance to swim with whales, I was debating whether I wanted to jump. I felt a little better then, but then my fear of jumping into the ocean grew with every minute that passed. Luckily I had Alice and a few other supportive girls on board who convinced and cheered me on, so I finally jumped. I couldn't believe it! I was In the rough, deep blue ocean, and I was clinging onto Bruno while he swam me closer to the whales.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I swam before the sperm whale. I just floated in front of the whale and looked into his eye. It seemed like the whale was observing me. And although this experience scared me because I found it super intimidating to swim so close in front of such a humongous whale, I felt so peaceful and started to observe the royal blue ocean waters, the depth of it, and the friendly whale in front of me. I also got a little sentimental while I stared at him, wondering what it must be like to have a few hectic humans around.

I floated there and looked at it for what seemed like a long time until I watched it peacefully and slowly drifting off into the deep blue depth of the ocean. And, just as he headed off, I felt so peaceful in the water that my fear completely vanished. I couldn't believe how much I started to love floating in the ocean. Just as I began to love this experience and wanted to stay in the water, it was time to return.

Le Morne Beach, Mauritius

On the way back, we drove along Le Morne beach and through the most beautiful and gigantic turquoise lagoon I have ever seen. We stopped at the famous Crystal Rock, a single rock formation within a large crystal-clear lagoon.

Day 11 - Chamarel Waterfall 7Colored Earth Geopark

Although I was so tired from all the activities the past few days, I decided to make my last day another special one. Just before I drove to my Airbnb on the other side of the island, I drove to Chamarel Waterfall, located inside a Nationalpark called Chamarel 7Colored Earth Geopark. The entrance fee was less than $5 and included seeing the famous Chamarel Waterfall, Colored Earth, Tortoises, and a Coffee plantation.

Southern Coastal Drive

After visiting the park, I drove back down to the coast and headed along the southern coastal road from the Westside to the Eastside. The drive on the southeast side was a nice ride along smaller villages. I saw many empty beaches with lots of locals around. Drove by some fruit stands and palm tree roads.

Last night in the Airbnb

I drove to my accommodation Gite des Acacias, where I stayed my last night, which was only 10 mins away from the airport. The Airbnb host offered optional bookings such as dinner for approximately $ 15 and arrangements for airport drives.

I booked both options. And, since I dropped off my rental car at the airport after checking in my Airbnb, I was picked up by the driver, which would take me the following day early to the airport.

In the evening, I enjoyed locally prepared food from the Airbnb hosts. Three other Airbnb guests had also booked the dinner. It turned out that all the guests were German, just like me. I didn't expect to have a fun last night with other travelers, exchanging our travel experiences at the dinner table. We were all on the same flight home the next day, so we shared the taxi and enjoyed a cup of coffee at the airport together.

Final thoughts

I mostly explored the southwest of the Island and can only speak of my personal experience from there. I met most people during my scuba diving lessons and the swimming with whales tour. I generally met 80% of couples, a few mothers traveling with their daughters, and a few friend groups traveling together.

Mauritians are one of the friendliest and nicest people I have met during my stay. Overall, I would return to visit the island anytime again and recommend the visit to anyone.


Have you been to Mauritius? Let me know what was your favorite experience in the comments below!

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Aug 07, 2023

Wow! Really inspiring ☺️ Thank you for all of the insights. I’m planning a trip there this year with my best friend!

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