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Sedona - The Enchanting Desert Beauty You Need To Visit!

Welcome to Sedona - a breathtaking desert oasis nestled between fascinating red rock formations in Arizona. Prepare to be enchanted by stunning landscapes that emanate vibrant energy, attracting nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and spiritual wanderers alike. From awe-inspiring hiking trails that lead to hidden canyons and majestic waterfalls to peaceful meditation spots among the famous vortex sites, Sedona offers a beautiful experience for all kinds of travelers. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top reasons why Sedona should be your next travel destination.

I wanted to go to Sedona for a while since I read many fascinating stories about the city's vortexes, the vibrant energies surrounding the red rocks, and the many spiritual seekers and natives living in like-minded communities.

Since an early age, I have been fascinated by native tribes, their connection to the earth, and the wisdom they live by. I come from a small, conservative town in southern Germany where most people I know have no interest in spirituality, mysticism, or anything other than the "normal." I love that all kinds of people from all walks of life come together in Sedona.

And don't worry, even if you are not interested in anything spiritual, you must visit the city and be awe-inspired by its incredible hiking and outdoor spots. Let me show you why.

The best hiking trail in Sedona, Arizona.
Bell Rock in Sedona - Arizona

Arrival in the City

On the way to Sedona, you drive through large stretches of dry, sandy, brown-colored desert until, out of the blue, the red rock formations show up in the distance. When Jake and I drove into Sedona, I felt an excitement rushing through my body. Many people heading into Sedona describe this feeling when entering the city. I still wonder if that feeling was my excitement about traveling to an absolutely stunning and unique place or the supposed energy vortexes.

As you venture into the desert town, you'll notice many spiritual and esoteric shops, retreats, plenty of hotels and wellness centers, and outdoor stores. The towering cliffs and its vibrant red colors make you feel a certain tranquility. I can't deny that there is something special about this town that you can feel in the air. The atmosphere in the entire city makes you feel peaceful.

If you are searching for yoga classes, group meditations, shamanic journeys, or healing experiences, you are at the right spot! Many flyers and business cards about local events are displayed in local cafes and shops and online on Airbnb Events or GetYourGuide. Sedona seems like a spiritual Mecca.

But again, don't let all the vortex talk and esoteric shops keep you from visiting the area. Sedona has a lot more to offer than just spiritual ventures.

Hiking in Sedona

Hiking in Sedona offers a truly unique experience - where else do you get to wander through striking red rock formations, vibrant desert flora, and awe-inspiring canyons with incredible views? Trails in and around the city range from easy strolls to challenging treks catering to all levels of hikers, each leading to breathtaking viewpoints and hidden natural wonders.

Soldier Pass Trailhead

Jake and I decided to hike the Soldier Pass Trailhead, known for its unique landmarks, such as the Seven Sacred Pools, the Devil's Kitchen sinkhole, and stunning red rock scenery. This hike is a popular starting point for several scenic hiking trails that offer a mix of natural beauty. The track is relatively moderate in difficulty, making it accessible to a wide range of hikers.

The "Seven Sacred Pools" often hold water after rainfall (see the picture above). These pools are considered sacred by Native American cultures and are a fascinating geological feature to explore. Additionally, the Soldier Pass area is home to the "Devil's Kitchen," a large sinkhole formed by the collapse of an underground cave.

Overall, the Soldier Pass Trailhead provides access to captivating trails and geological wonders, making it a must-visit location for anyone seeking to explore the unique landscapes that Sedona, Arizona, offers.

The best hostel in Sedona, Arizona in 2023, 2024, 2025.
Hiking in Sedona, Arizona

Parking for the Soldier Pass Trailhead

When visiting the Soldier Pass Trailhead, it's important to keep in mind that parking can be limited due to its popularity. A designated parking spot further off the trailhead offers free shuttle bus rides to various trailheads. Park at "Posse Grounds Park and Ride - Sedona Shuttle," a free shuttle (Sedona Shuttle schedule) takes you to the Soldier Pass Trailhead. You will find a sign with the shuttle's drop off and pick up times at the parking.

Weather Conditions

As with any outdoor adventure, it's recommended to bring plenty of water, wear appropriate hiking shoes, and be prepared for the desert climate. Always check the weather conditions before heading out for a hike. If you notice dark clouds gathering, distant lightning, or a drop in temperature, it's a sign to be extra cautious and better turn back.

During Jake and my hike in July, rain clouds started to appear quickly. We decided to head back, and as we waited for the shuttle bus to pick us up, thunder and lightning began to happen around us. A beautiful and sunny day quickly turned into a thunderstorm.

Thunderstorm in Sedona, Arizona

Bell Rock Hike

The Bell Rock hike in Sedona is a popular and iconic trail known for its striking red rock formations and panoramic views. This relatively easy-to-moderate hike offers a great experience for visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of Sedona's natural landscape.

The trailhead is easily accessible, located just off Highway 179, making it a convenient choice for hikers of all skill levels. As you set on the hike, you instantly see the Bell Rock formation (see picture above).

The hike is approximately 1.2 miles (1.9 kilometers) each way, with a round-trip distance of about 2.4 miles (3.9 kilometers). The path is well-marked and mainly consists of well-maintained trails, making it suitable for beginners and more experienced hikers.

As you go further up, you'll be rewarded not just with breathtaking views of the surrounding red rock formations and the picturesque landscape, but you will also find yourself in the midst of one of Sedona's famous vortexes. Bell Rock is one of Sedona's most known Vortex Meditations spots. For decades, people worldwide have come to Bell Rock for meditation, reflection, and inspiration. Once you climb the red rock, you can find a quiet spot to meditate, rest, and enjoy the views. The hike is also known for vibrant sunsets and sunrises. Its warm glow over the rocks creates a truly magical atmosphere you don't want to miss on your Sedona visit. Remember to bring water, wear proper hiking shoes, and always check the weather forecast before planning a hike.

PS: I tried meditating on Bell Rock to see if I could tap into the supposed energy vortexes, but I felt nothing unusual. I did experience something interesting on a shamanic journey, which I describe further down in the article.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

The famous church built inside the rocks in Sedona, Arizona, is known as the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It's an iconic and visually stunning structure that has become a symbol of Sedona's unique spiritual and natural landscape. The church was designed to create a place of worship that would blend seamlessly with the red rock formations of Sedona.

The chapel's interior is relatively simple, with large windows that offer panoramic views of the stunning red rock formations and the Verde Valley below. Many visitors are drawn to the chapel for its architectural uniqueness and its peaceful and contemplative atmosphere.

Shamanic Experience

If you are into shamanic experiences, Sedona is the right spot. I found an interesting-looking shamanic journey on Airbnb and was keen to try it out. The trip was supposed to take place outside amid the rock formations and vortexes. Due to bad weather conditions, the shamanic journey took place in the indoor healing space. I received an exclusive shamanic healing session, as no other participants had scheduled the same timeframe as mine.

So, I found myself lying on the floor inside the shamanic woman's house. She asked me about my intentions and gently guided me through this shamanic journey, wandering through my subconscious mind.

After the shamanic journey, I went back home and tried sleeping. But instead of resting, my mind was suddenly flooded with ideas and concepts about current and future projects I was working on. It felt like someone turned a light switch on, cleared out all my worries and fears, and gave me the right tools (how-to's) to start best. It seemed as if the shamanic healing cleared away all the unnecessary clutter in my mind so I could see clearly and focus on the essential things.

I can't deny that this shamanic journey has triggered something within me. If you are curious about these things, I recommend doing your research and, only trusting someone with plenty of good reviews and approaching these experiences with a sense of lightheartedness. Only believe everything you see and hear if it resonates with you.

Solider Pass Trailhead in Sedona, Arizona


Sedona, Arizona, is a place that will capture your heart and leave a lasting impression. Whether you are looking for outdoor adventures or spiritual experiences, Sedona has it all. The stunning natural beauty will leave you speechless from the moment you arrive. You will hike in some of the most magnificent landscapes, find yourself amid the energy vortexes, and experience the rich culture of Native American people.


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