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Top 7 Must-Have Apps for Your First Bali Solo Trip

Are you gearing up for an epic Bali adventure? If so, below, we listed a few Apps that enhance your Bali Travel experience and make getting around easy. From navigating the bustling streets and ordering food to your doorstep to discovering travel groups, local events, and currency exchanges, these apps make your trip effortless. Also, join local groups to tap into valuable insights from fellow travelers and residents.

1. GoJek or Grab App: The Indonesian Version Of Uber

Bali's traffic can be challenging, but Apps like Gojek or Grab offer a convenient and affordable way to get around. From $2,5 scooter rides to approx. $25 - 40 airport pick-up rides, these pick-up options provide quick and easy transportation and even offer food delivery and grocery shopping services.

PS: Download the Gojek App, connect your credit card, and book your airport shuttle immediately when you arrive to ensure a quick, easy, and affordable navigation from the airport to your stay. Don't forget to purchase a SIM card at the airport, as you'll need a local phone number to use Gojek rides.

2. Offline Navigation: Google Maps, Maps.Me, Organic Maps

Navigate Bali like a pro with Google Maps, MapsMe, and the new free version of MapsMe called Organic Maps. Whether you're exploring the cultural heart of Ubud or chasing waves in Canggu, this app will guide you through the island's streets and ensure you never miss a beautiful sunset spot. When you explore your area through Google Maps, you don't just find many great restaurants or must-see places around you, but you can also instantly check the reviews and see if these places are worth visiting.

Additionally, we always download the offline maps of the places we travel to and set pins on essential locations, such as hotels and accommodations. In case the internet isn't working, we can still navigate our way around.

Discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path surprises with apps like Maps.Me and the free alternative, Organic Maps. These open-source applications reveal lesser-known waterfalls, secret caves, and scenic hiking trails that often escape Google Maps' radar. While Maps.Me has transitioned to a paid model, the good news is that Organic Maps, created by the same developers, offers the same function and layout without any cost. 

Jake, for example, hiked the Gokyo Ri Trek in Nepal without a guide, navigating his way simply by using

3. Currency Exchange App: xCurrency

Stay on top of currency exchange rates with X Currency. This App helps you convert prices to your home currency, ensuring you get the best value for your money while bargaining in local markets or enjoying a beachfront massage.

The App won't just convert the prices to one currency but six simultaneously (see image above).

4. Connecting with Travel Groups: WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram

Stay updated on events, parties, and local happenings with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram Travel Groups. These platforms provide many travel groups with information about the island's vibrant nightlife, long-term apartment or villa rentals, and community events, ensuring you don't miss out on beach parties, live music, or cultural performances and events.

PS: A friend I met in Bali invited me to a Balinese fire ceremony she found through one of these Bali Travel WhatsApp Groups. When I searched for this event on Google, I found nothing. It was a local experience with a respectable Balinese healer.

5. Travel Experiences: GetYourGuide App and Google Maps

Elevate your Bali experience with GetYourGuide, offering various activities, tours, and attractions. Whether you want to try a surf lesson in Canggu, a jewelry-making course, a cooking class in Ubud, or explore the iconic Uluwatu Temple, GetYourGuide has you covered.

I stumbled upon an incredible Balinese cooking class through GetYourGuide, and I can't recommend it enough. The owner created the experience with a unique and authentic touch, making it a highlight of my Bali adventure. If you're enthusiastic about unraveling the secrets of Balinese cuisine in a beautiful setting, this is an absolute must-try!

Additionally, Google Maps is my go-to app for discovering local activities. I found the best surf schools by entering "surf school near me." You can immediately read reviews and consider if the offerings align with your preferences.

PS: GetYourGuide is an excellent resource to explore the various activities available in a specific area. While Google Maps is ideal when you have a specific activity in mind and are looking for the best-reviewed places, such as surf schools.

6. Accommodation Apps: Booking & Hostelworld

Downloading the app simplifies your travel accommodation with user-friendly handling, real-time availability updates, and exclusive mobile deals, ensuring a stress-free booking experience catered to your preferences. Meanwhile, the Hostelworld app provides a convenient platform for budget-friendly travelers, making it easy to find affordable and vibrant accommodations during your trip. 

PS: Booking accommodations via has always been cheaper on the phone than booking via the web browser. Also, accommodations often appear booked out on, although space is still available when you contact the hotel.

7. Translation Apps: DuoLingo or Google Translate

Engage with the local culture by learning some Bahasa Indonesia phrases with DuoLingo or Google Translate. While many Balinese speak English, a few basic phrases can go a long way in connecting with the friendly locals.


Thats it! Prepare for a stress-free Bali trip by snagging these essential apps before you head to the Island of the Gods. Whether navigating bustling streets, grabbing delicious eats, or discovering local happenings, these apps have you covered. So, don't forget to download them, relax, and prepare to soak in the Bali vibes.

Have you been to Bali? What other apps would you recommend for first-time travelers?


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